Sunday, 9 October 2016

Grounding some Myths about Social Media

Information technology is a consistently changing discipline that requires a person to be versatile in order to be successful. We can take social media as an example here. Social networks, at the time of their inception, usually offer a connection between people. Then they usually start injecting the features that give businessmen some help to find their potential customers. Apart from this shift, social media sites often undergo upgrades like algorithmic changes which are usually made to ensure compatibility with search engines.

With this transforming nature, it is not uncommon for the myths about social media to surface. It may be due to the fact that update is usually a bad notion for internet community. These myths are only for the comforting purposes. What’s unfortunate here is that digital marketers are often found confused when their clients ask questions regarding these myths with such a belief if these were true.

Some very common myths about social media are answered below.

What happened to free social media for businesses?
Many clients ask this question hoping to get a justification of social media marketing cost. The truth is that social media marketing was never free. It’s not an SEO feature that marketers would work on as a part of their Indianapolis SEO strategy. You ask for the social media marketing for your business, it will come at a price. Social media marketing teams don’t work for free.

Social media can’t be measured
Of course social media can be measured. Every reputed social media platform has its own analytics that provides traffic information in the form of graphs and bars. Moreover, there are paid tools available that help in measuring social media marketing status.

Leads from social media can’t be converted into buyers
It is an absolutely wrong notion. You need to target the specific audience that show interest in the type of product or service you sell. With the help of advanced analytics available, you can look into the buying habit of people in your marketing domain.

A little piece of advice is that you should pay attention to the audience before signing up for a paid advertisement. Before starting your advertising campaign on social media, get latest information about the market trends in your domain and check for its compatibility with your product, your business reputation and your marketing efforts.

Existing consumers do not interact with social media
This concept might have been true for a time when devices with internet weren’t introduced. Now, every person with an internet browsing facility at hand at least takes a look at his/her social profile and friends circle. Hence, you can continue with your social media campaign without worrying about still-existent tinier minority that doesn’t like to interact with others using social platforms.

Social media marketing involves advertising on every platform
No, the social media marketing involves marketing only on suitable platform. If your advertisement isn’t a video message, it would be wrong to adjust its link on YouTube. The advertisement that involves text has to be placed on the platforms which are made to display text as the main content, e.g. Twitter and LinkedIn.

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